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The languages I’ve created for the shows I work on come out of the naturalist tradition… The realism of a language is grounded in the reality (fictional or otherwise) of its speakers. If the speakers are more or less human (or humanoid) and are intended to be portrayed in a realistic fashion, then their language should be as similar as possible to a natural language.

David J. Peterson, discusses how he created the languages of Dothraki and Valyrian for Game of Thrones.

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"This spring, I experienced a fact-checking session with three linguists that was so remarkable, it showed me I should always be paying more attention to every session. Because this particular session was about language at all levels, I experienced an off-the-chart dopamine response. Oh, this is why I do what I do. It was also like a moonshot, logistics-wise, compared to most read-back situations I’ve done. And this session turned an ordinary conversation inside out so you could see all its ribs, but things were also so deliberately complicated that it no longer worked like an ordinary conversation."
In general, fact-checking isn’t the most glamorous part of a journalist’s career, which is why Michael Erard was surprised to find that a recent fact-checking session for an Al Jazeera article turned out to be among the most interesting conversations of his life. Why? His sources were linguists, and their job was to explain to him the workings of brand-new sign languages. (via millionsmillions)


Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2007

Being a lady on the Internet feels like this most of the time. Impossible to breathe in that great corset thing, and it’s like the magnetic tape pulled out of cassettes, ironed into solid sheets wrapped around you for protection. Carrying other people’s baggage about what you should look/feel/sound/think like. 


Day 46 #create365 

I had to evacuate because of forest fires yesterday, so here’s Day 46 a little behind schedule. Be gentle with it and let it grow. It’s scared of quick movements.

Interactive Processing sketch (image above, sketch below). View on site, not dashboard, to see and play with the sketch.

Lovely Tumblr with Processing (the second in each post moves)

"Why is it that people do not know this deep truth? Because as soon as they are born they are led to believe that the world around them is ‘real.’ They forget their oneness with Divinity and fall into a pattern of likes and dislikes that gives rise to all sorts of desires, attachments, and aversions."
Krishna (Bhagavad Gita)

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