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From Jason Florio in VQR, what a photo essay

This is: 

Hawa Jallow is a member of the Santa Yalla kaffo, a collective of women who harvest rice near the Gambia River at Kaur. After cutting the rice, she uses her head and hands to carry it to a collection point at the edge of the field.

Gif Horoscope: March 24 - 30


This coming Sunday is the beginning of……..eclipse season, and we’ll have a new moon, always fun. With last week’s vernal equinox on Thursday, you probably felt the shift from watery energy to fire.

We are taking (and about to take) actions now that things have been revealed in the past month. And so it is a week of big dreams and deciding how you want to realize them. Not if you do, but how you will

Four gifs below for your week ahead, dear star friends - 

Your Amateur Gif Astrologer kthread





Rocky Horror and sloth gifs, together at last.