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“Stay hungry, stay #choosy.”

“#choosy in the sky with diamonds.”

Young unemployed Italians embrace being “choosy” with puns and memes after a government official blamed their unemployed status on them simply being too “choosy.” 

Read more on Global Voices. 

GV always serves as a good reminder that the world is larger than the U.S.

Memes play out differently in other geographic places. Choosy as the reason for unemployment/underemployment is a new one to me.

Amazing post about a shopped government photo in the Philippines. This is the explanation of what looks shopped. 

The post has examples of the three officials being added to the Last Supper, “Inception” poster, on a boat, and in a boxing ring. 

These kind of posts are one of my favorite parts of Global Voices, where they explain memes in parts of the world we don’t often hear about. 

Maybe this one is the equivalent of ‘Obama Looking at Awesome Things’?


This Costa Rican video is a take-off of the popular Nyan Cat Internet meme. In this new incarnation, a cat with a tamale body wearing a folk hat leaves behind a Costa Rican flag trail while jumping over an overcast city inhabited by miniskirt-wearing overweight women…

The description on the video makes reference to the lack of security felt by citizens and residents:  “Run rat before they stab you”.


"Six months on and it is heartbreaking to look at how eerie the Libyan blogosphere is, row upon row of bloggers in Libya are silent because of the Libyan war. From the silent ones you realize that they are in the cities under Gaddafi control and therefore have no access to the internet."
If you want to know the timeline of Libya put in context by locals in and from Libya, Global Voices has you covered.


Planking is so last week… Heard about the latest Thai craze: Pub Peab-ing?

Sceptics wonder if Pub Peab is a spontaneous creation by Thai youth or a rather clever initiative by the authorities to divert the planking craze in favour of the establishment.

just fyi: Global Voices is usually at least hours and often weeks ahead as far as local news.