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"If it’s not Jensen Farms, it’s okay to eat. If you can’t confirm it’s not Jensen Farms, then it’s best to throw it out."

CDC director Thomas Frieden • Discussing the tainted cantaloupes that have killed and/or sickened dozens of people. The CDC is calling this listeria outbreak the deadliest one of its kind in the past decade. There’s no official list of the distributors in 25 states of the listeria-ridden cantaloupe, and on top of that, not all of the cantaloupes are labeled — or have such obscure labels as “Colorado Grown,” “Distributed by Frontera Produce,” “” or “Sweet Rocky Fords.” The CDC recommends you ask your grocer where the cantaloupe came from. If it came from US3, however, you should be fine. source (viafollow)

Has anyone ever thought, hmm, maybe we need a good way to know about tainted food and maybe we could hear about it from friends and family that shop in similar places/live in the same area/stay up on these things. 

I’m thinking about building something for this. 

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