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A Flight of the Navigator gif? Yes!

I saw this at my local library one afternoon after school. They used to have an after-school program where you could go hang out, use the DOS terminals to find books, read Highlights and ZooBooks, and occasionally they would show badass movies like Flight of the Navigator, and The Neverending Story.

I also won a Lego building contest there. I think I built a zeppelin.

Loved this when I was a kid.  Haven’t seen it in probably 25 years, wonder if it holds up.

Dear Steve Woolf: it does. Let’s have a big screening party on both coasts.

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Mister Rogers Remix of the Day: PBS has teamed up with video mashup wiz John D. Boswell (melodysheep) to bring us this tribute to the late Mister Rogers, the first in a series that will pay homage to our childhood icons.


About five or so years ago, I was the first Assoc. Director of Content and Social Media (new position) at PBS HQ in D.C. 

PBS has an extraordinary video archive, much of which is beginning to be online through their online video player launch a year or two back. But this kind of playfulness with iconic programs is exactly what I tried to argue for - nostalgia as a way back in to programs with great raw content for remixing. Exciting to finally see some action in a coordinated campaign on this front. 

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