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      Ben Pieratt's Blog: In Praise of Quitting Your Job

(Alternate title: The New Work Ethic)

I wrote this email to a friend a few weeks ago, and then the topic came up again last night with an old buddy who was frustrated with his work. He seemed to appreciate what I had to say, so I figured it might be worth sharing:

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Thinking about your…

"Your muse can only be treated as the secretary of a subcommittee for so long before she decides to pack up and look for employment elsewhere. If you aren’t able to own the product and be creative, then you aren’t able to do your work, and if you’re not doing your work then you’re negating a very real part of your personality, which is no good for anyone. No good for you and certainly no good for your employer.

I’ve come to terms with my own inherent work issues simply by recognizing that my weaknesses in one context are strengths in another. When I am able to own a project or product, I work hard and I work well, and I like to believe it shows in the results. Not everyone can do this. Not everyone is willing to spend stupid amounts of hours on a project simply because they believe in it. This is worth recognizing.”

- h/t to Laura for linking to this. We all feel it, and nice to see it articulated in this way.

"Marketers, and designers too, often claim to understand the underlying 
idea here: That stories give meaning and value to objects. However, 
they often think that this means they can add meaning and value to 
object by telling stories about how it was made, or designed, who 
created it, what they were thinking about, what the process was, and 
all that. This is flawed. The stories that matter do not descend from object 
creators. They are imposed by object owners."